If you want to enjoy the experience of Android on your computer, then BlueStacks is the software you should use. It is an emulator for Android apps. For those who do not know what an emulator is, it is a software that enables a computer to behave like another system. You can use this software on both Mac and PC. It will sync all your Android device data on to your system. However, many questions arise regarding the legal nature and safety of BlueStacks. So, if you are having questions like ‘is Bluestacks safe’ or ‘is Bluestacks legal’, then you are in the right place. Here, I will discuss BlueStacks and tell you if it is legal and safe to use. 


So, let us first start with “what is Bluestacks?”. This software was introduced in 2011 to help the users experience all their favorite Android features on their computer. A user can play their favorite games, use applications, and use much other Android software on their Mac and PC. 

When you are using your Android apps on your PC or Mac, you don’t have to worry about the battery life. You will be able to use your favorite Android application for as long as you like. It has almost 20 million users from all over the world. It was built with great graphics quality. This will help you to use heavy applications and high graphics games. 

BlueStacks review  

Now, let us see the various aspects of BlueStacks and see if it is actually safe and legal to use. 

System requirements of BlueStacks

To use BlueStacks on your PC, it needs to have RAM of 2GB or more. It needs to have 4GB of free hard disc space available. You will also need to have Direct X 9.0 or more installed. 

For your Mac, you need to have OS of Sierra or higher. The RAM has to be 4GB or more. Free space on your hard disk must be at least 4GB. 

Is BlueStacks virus real?

No, there is no virus in Bluestacks. Its security has been tested with various antivirus software and the result always came 100% clean. BlueStacks is also free of any trojans, spyware, or malware. It was tested on many anti-spam and anti-malware software. The result always came clean. So, if you were asking a question like “is BlueStacks safe?”, then the answer is yes. 

Can it be used on a PC without any safety risk?  

It has been clear from the previous section that it is free of any malware or viruses. Also, BlueStacks is developed by well-reputed developers and investments were done by famous companies like AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, and Intel. This factor makes the security aspect of the software strong. It sends the data anonymously to their servers which boosts the user experience. 

You can rest assured that your personal data is not recorded, and if you are still not convinced, you can go to the settings and turn off the data statistics feature. 

Can it be used on a Mac without any safety risk? 

There are many Apple users out there who want to use Android games and apps. They can achieve this through BlueStacks only. However, they always have the question “is BlueStacks safe?”.

If you want to use BlueStacks and avoid any security threat, you must always download it from the official website. By avoiding any third-party site you will be able to protect your computer from any external threat. Apart from this, BlueStacks has a very high reputation among Mac users. It has also passed all the tests from various anti-spam and anti-virus software. So, you can use it on your Mac without any hesitation. 

Is BlueStacks legal? 

Users also have a question and that is whether BlueStack is legal to use. It is just an emulator for Mac and PC, and not any hack or cheat software. Unlike the emulators of Gameboy and Nintendo, which copies the game themselves, BlueStacks is just emulating an OS in a program, which is not illegal, just like the OS it is emulating. So, you can use BlueStacks without fearing any legal issues.   

BlueStacks 4

This is the latest version of BlueStacks which was introduced in 2018. You will be able to get speed which is 6-8 times faster than many flagship phones. This now comes with new mapping tools and AI. By using BlueStacks 4, you need not enable the “do not disturb” feature as you need to do in your smartphones, so that you are not disturbed when you are playing an intense game. Additionally, you will not have to worry about low battery. 

With this new version, it has also brought many new updates. These updates will enable you to get the best gaming experience. 

Final verdict

So, if you were having questions like “is Bluestacks legal and safe?” then I can tell you that the answer is “Yes”. Among all the emulators, BlueStacks is the most stable one. There were minor problems during its running period which can be ignored. The main factor that increases its demand is that it is absolutely free. Moreover, there is also the safety features that keep the users protected from any malicious software. So, I hope that from the above discussions you have got a good idea of what BlueStacks is and that it is completely safe and legal.