Labels are an important part of any product. It offers customers with many information about the product. The labels tell us the name of the product, the content of the package, the manufacturing, and the expiration date of the product. It also includes the ingredients used in making the product, and also the address of the company which manufactured it. These information are quite important for a customer.

Besides providing information, an impressive label design also helps to attract customers and increase the sale. If your label design is attractive, then a customer will choose your product mong all the similar products.

However, to create an effective label, you need to have some good label design ideas. But, there are label designers in the market who you can hire to make the design a label for you. 

Best Label Designers You Can Hire

These label designers are freelancers. When you will be working with them, they may have questions about your brand. These information will help them to design labels more effectively. So, you have to be patient and answer the questions they have regarding designing your label.

1. Vladislav Popov

He is a professional graphic designer from Russia. Designing labels is a passion for him. There are many interesting designs for numerous clients in his design portfolio. Till now, Vladislav has triumphed over 4 design contests. He is one of those designers who can really design a label. You will not be disappointed if you hand him the responsibility of designing a label for you. 

2. Elena Dumitru

She is from Romania and is capable of designing various kinds of designs besides designing labels. Elena has 44 wins under her belt in the Designhill design contests. This shows how skilled she really is. You will be able to take a sigh of relief if you hand her the responsibility of designing your label.

3. Boobsie

Boobsie is dedicated to label designing and packaging and is a Bahrain-based designer. He has won 7 design contests, which tells a great deal about his skills and without a doubt he is very appropriate for the job.

4. Avitn

She is a very dependable designer and has quite a good experience in this field. Avitn has 27 winnings to her name. This tells a great deal about how skillful she really is. She has a great choice of colors, typefaces and various other factors which is evident from her portfolio. You will also be able to acquire some useful label design ideas from her. 

 5. Rgraphic@design

This is one of the trusted group of label designers who has an impressive level of skills. They have a good number of interesting pieces of works, and also they have won 41 design contests. Their works show a wide variety of styles, typefaces, and colors. All these characteristics make them one of the best designers out there. 

6. Vectorsoup

He is a designer who is based in Thailand. Vectoursoup has a lot of skills, which makes him a designer on whom you can rely upon. He is capable of creating some unique and impressive label designs. You can trust him to come up with some unique designed labels for your company.

7. Rbm Creation

It is a group of designers who are based in the Philippines. You can trust them for creating labels, which will build a visual image for your brand. They have won 21 designing contest till now. With such a huge experience, you can easily trust them to create some effective and unique labels. 

8. Bagus Aji

He is known for making some of the impressive labels which stand out in the crowd of so many brands. So far, he has won 35 design contests on Designhill, and that too for different clients in numerous categories. All of this indicates that he has many great label design ideas and capable of designing some attractive and effective label designs. 

9. Maki_maki

For the one-to-one project confidentiality, Maki_maki is the one you should hire. This is a designer who is based in Serbia. Maki_maki has won 44 contests in designing so far. If you are looking for label designs that will be unique and impressive, then Maki_maki is the one you should hire.

10. Jek

She has been in this field for 10 years now. Jek has a great experience in using Corel Draw, Indesign, Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. She also has 12 design contest wins under her belt. Hence, you can trust her to create a very good design with her skills of all the designing software. 

11. Hr Motion Design

This group of label designers is among the trusted designers out there. They have obtained success in various categories of 34 design contests. So, trusting them will not be an issue.

12. Arquimedia

This designer has been working for 20 years in this designing market. The designer is based in Venezuela, and 7 design contest wins. With 20 years of experience, Arquimedia is very capable of designing an effective, impressive and a unique label for your brand.

13. Nimfreeda

If you are looking for creating an identity for your brand with great visuals, then Nimfreeda is a good option. Nimfreeda is quite a skillful and experienced designer of labels. This designer has 2 wins in the designing contests so far.

14. Nimendra

You can trust Nimendra for making you a label design that will make a good impression on your customers and viewers. He has 4 contest wins to his name and is perfect for designing labels for your brand.

15. Mehdi 122

This is a label designer who is Morocco-based. Mehdi 122 has 2 wins in the design contests. This designer has a great skill in making labels that are unique. These qualities make Mehdi 122 the best option for designing the labels for your brand.   


If you are planning on creating an effective and unique label design, you can hire a label designer for getting some good label design ideas, or you can make them design the label for you. Hiring anyone from the 15 names discussed in the article will be the best option. All of them are capable of designing unique labels. Moreover, a good logo will also help you to make an identity for your brand, which will ultimately lead to the success of your brand.