iOS 14 is the latest operating system in the latest iOS devices. Compared to the previous system software, Apple has made a number of significant improvements. If you have bought a new iPhone, then without any hesitation, you will get the iOS 14 easily. In case, you are using an old device, then make sure that it will definitely get the update. 

If you face any issues in getting the new iOS update, join with iPhone repair Dubai for technical help and advice. In addition to that, they are also skilled in repairing all types of iOS devices. But, first, let’s get to know about the appealing features.

Know the Update Procedure 

Whenever you get the notifications regarding an update of larger file size, then get ready, a new OS is knocking the door. First, you take the backup of the important data of the device. This process is one of the topmost suggestions given by the professionals associated with iPhone repair Dubai. 

After that, make sure that the device is connected to the Wi-Fi. Now, access the “Settings”. After that choose “General”, and then you will see “Software Update”. Tap on it and allow the process to complete.

New and Exclusive Features

After the successful update of iOS 14 in your device, you will be able to witness some of the most interesting features. Let’s check out some of them one by one. 

1. Tagging process in a text

It is really possible to tag someone in just a text message? Sounds very interesting and new right? Yes, it is possible to do so. When you are chatting with the help of a text message in a large group, you can tag someone by typing his/her name. The @ (at the rate) symbol will play the main role in the tagging process. If you touch and long press on the message, you will find the reply option. 

2. Pinning a conversation  

The pinning of conversation is already available in the social media messengers. But, in the text messages, it is for the first time people will be able to experience the new feature. If you are having a long list of conversations in your text message app, then you will be able to pin the most important one. This will help that particular conversation to stay on the top of the text messenger list. Just swipe to the right side by tapping on the conversation that you want to pin. 

3. AI Speech Recognition

Siri is the only application that runs on a fully embedded AI speech recognition program. With the help of Siri, you can command the device to do any type of work. Compared to the previous Siri, the interface is now much more improved. iPhone repair Dubai experts stated that the new version of Siri’s accuracy will be just perfect for the iOS 14 users. In addition to that, it will now cover the entire screen. A lot of command results will be automatically displayed at the bottom of the screen. 

4. The photo hiding feature 

In order to protect your privacy, the photo hiding feature is now better than ever. Now, you will be able to select and hide the entire album. It will remain hidden completely as long as you want to reveal it back in the gallery. 

5. The widgets 

The widgets are updated with the re-defined user interface- applicable in applications like Weather, Maps, TV, Apple Music, Notes, and others. In the home screen, you can place any widgets anywhere to get all the necessary information at the fingertips. In addition to that, you can also increase and decrease the size of the widgets according to your preference.

6. The application library 

The application library on the home screen is available to help you accomplish the work faster. The library consists of the collection of necessary applications. When you insert an application in the library, it will automatically categorize them. The categorization will solely depend on the usage priority, alphabetical sorting, searching and others. 

7. The OS user-interface

Compared to the previous iOS, the experts of iPhone repair Dubai have stated that the UI of the new OS is very much compact. It is also easy-to-use as most of the applications directly linked with the OS have changed a lot. The support of Skype incoming calls are now available. 

Apple’s own video calling feature, FaceTime has now become a banner when you receive calls. Previously, people have faced many difficulties when it covered the entire screen. While video calling over FaceTime, you can now simultaneously watch multimedia items. 

The user-interface is re-defined in such a way that while the video call is going on, you can drag and change the screen size. Moreover, the facility of switching off the screen windows is also available. 

8. The searching and sorting

The results of searching for the most relevant results of applications, websites will be present at the top of the screen. This will help you to look at the results quickly. Whenever you are going to search for something, the suggestions will be available instantly. 

The facility of quick launch applications is now more improved than before. At the launch of the Safari, the default browser, all the handy websites starting from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others will be available with just one tap. 

9. The smileys

Apple calls it the Memoji. All the memojis are upgraded with new looks, spectacles, hair-styles and others. There are also certain memojis available that will scan your face and look just like you. Age options, expressiveness, fading related to the hairstyles are new in the iOS 14. With the help of these, you will be able to express your thoughts without writing any words. Or, if you write any, it will also boost its expressive point of view. 

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Last, but not least, if you ever face any technical difficulties, then join with iPhone Repair Dubai, to gain optimum results and help your gadget to stay functional for years.

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