Master Mobile Web was launched by Google as a new resource, which analyzes the cellular information of the most accessed websites. 

It can show which user friendly website for every category has been accessed the most and which of the sites have passed their usability tests. Eg- it is seen that 98% of the retail sites have passed in the field of page design, however, only 24% of them have passed when it came to saving customer searches. ranks higher in the travel category.It offers the best registration and conversion experience.

A mobile friendly website design is very important as people tend to use these websites more than those which are not. 

Let’s see the importance of a good mobile friendly website design.

The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website Design

First of all let’s see why it is so important to improve a mobile website design, rather than a desktop website design.

Use of Mobile Internet

It was seen in October 2016 that the traffic of mobile internet exceeded that of the desktop. 

Study has shown that in the past 3 years, people have accessed the internet from their smartphones, rather than their computers. This is due to the handy nature of the smartphones as opposed to the bulky nature of our computers. Smartphones had made the access of the internet easy from anywhere, at any time.

It has been predicted that by the time 2019 ends, the mobile traffic will rise to about 79% of all internet traffic. This indicates that the desktop version of the websites are being used for only 20% of the time. 

It is seen that if a site does not work well on a mobile device, the user tends to not visit that site again and rather access another website for a better user experience.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design   

If your website was built in the past couple of years, there is a good chance that your developer has used a responsive design. 

Using a responsive design makes the website adjust its display according to your mobile display. In some cases, the appearance can change hugely with more simplified content  and user friendly navigation.

Some of the businesses have realized that their primary traffic comes from mobile devices. Keeping this in mind they decided to develop a mobile app, rather than using the responsive version of their websites. 

However, the operating of both of your mobile and desktop site will not be a proper usage of your resources. So, you should consider reviewing your analytics to observe how your website is being used by the users. Based on this analytic you should make your next move.

Make the Content Mobile Friendly    

A well-designed responsive design will make sure of the navigation and images to perfectly adjust to the mobile experience. In case of mobile, the text is very important. Due to its small display size, the content for your mobile should be to-the-point, meaningful, and readable along with the headings and call to actions for the readers.

Always ensure to make the call-to-action more prominent by using a easy-to-use buttons.

Your Bottom line will improve by using a Mobile-Friendly Website 

Making your website mobile-friendly is useful for your business. It is seen in a recent study, that a shoe company has applied a responsive design, this resulted in an increase of 77.59% in their search engine ranking, and an increase of 15.19% in their mobile conversion rate. 

They made it possible by applying elements like large search bar, a header that stays in its place as you scroll up or down. This made their site very user friendly, which made the users return to the site over and over again.

The Use of Master Mobile Web

The websites are put through screening process in the category of over 60 mobile usability areas. Each of these categories have their own webpage showing many other records. By using this resource, you can identify the website providing the better advice engine.

When the user experience specialist were gathering date, the following group of fields were analyzed by them:


  • Registration and Conversion- It checks whether a site provide a simple, clear and safe procedure for transaction.


  • Findability- Whether a site provide a quick searching process for any product the user is searching for.
  • Mobile Design-  Does these sites provide a mobile friendly website design or not.
  • Product Pages- It looks for the regular occuring of the primary product or service pages containing visible CTAs.
  • Speed- Does this site provides a good speed for a smooth experience or not.

The web marketers can use this to improve their webpages. Master Mobile Web does not rank the pages based on their speed. It analyzes each page on a much deeper level. It sees the ease of usability by humans, the ease of navigating and its operation on a mobile device.

Procedure for The Test

Let’s now get into the procedure for performing the test of the websites for their mobile usability.

How people use their Mobiles

Smartphones have become a part of the daily life of a person and they expect better experience from it.

In India, about 62% of the users perform an online  pre-purchase research from their smartphone.

About 74% of the users looks for information regarding the products they are interested in.

And about 65% of the users purchase products online.

Performing the Test

Over 1,000 sites are analyzed which are visited the most across the categories of  travel, retail, and finance for the categories of

  • Mobile design
  • Product pages
  • Registration and Conversion
  • Speed 
  • Findability

as discussed earlier in the article.

The score is categorized as 70% for the user experience and 30% for the speed.


This is a very useful resource for the developers and for the users. Using this, the developers can keep track of their web page’s ranking. They can optimize their web pages accordingly.

The users can know about the websites with the most user friendly website design.

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