PC Matic is an antivirus software and a tool to optimize your computer. Usually, the Antivirus suites emphasize on managing and detecting threats. Along with this, they offer some utilities to tune up the computer. However, PC Matic has taken a very different route. PC Matic antivirus made the optimization tool as the primary focus and then they offered the antivirus as a small part of the whole software. 

This point becomes clear from their site. The aesthetic of the PC Matic’s site is more Nascar-like. The motto of PC Matic antivirus is that your computer must be well optimized and deliver great performance. So, now you must be asking that, is PC Matic good? Well, you don’t have to worry as I will be doing a complete PC Matic review here.

PC Matic reviews

As you may have already understood that PC Matic antivirus is a bit odd and is not like any other antivirus software. With PC Matic antivirus, you don’t scan your PC for threats in the traditional way. Rather, you have to perform scans for a different host of problems like malware, benchmark performance, and disk fragmentation. 

Services and features

PC Matic antivirus first has to run a scan to find the location of the problem. You will see that there are four components for diagnostics. These components are performance, security, stability, and maintenance. When this diagnostic process is running, PC Matic antivirus will check for driver updates, broadband quality, craplets, disk fragmentation, different security threats, and different types of malware. After that, it will run some benchmarks. If you want, you can run the scan for detecting malware only. In the default setting, PC Matic antivirus gives priority to all these factors. 

After the scanning process is completed, you will see the result of the scan on your screen. You will see that different problems are color-coded. If you see the “Red” color, then it means that the test was failed and it needs your attention. “Green” color is the indication that there are no issues with your computer. “Grey” is the indication that a test was skipped. The “Blue” color is informational, “Purple” means that the computer needs a tweak but that is nonessential, and “Yellow” means advice. 

After you have reviewed all the problems, click on the option of “Next”, and then on the new screen, you will be able to see all suggested actions. You can uncheck any box if you dont want to fix it. After that, click on the option of “Continue”. 

One of the good features of PC Matic antivirus is that you will be able to see the status of all the PCs connected to your account on your computer. Select the name of the computer that you want to see the status of and a dashboard will open on the screen. This dashboard has various statuses that are shaped like a speedometer. Here, you will be able to get the information regarding disk defragmentation, patched vulnerabilities, viruses found, and many more. From here, you will also be able to set up schedules for scans and also monitor the performance. 


In a test performed for all antivirus software, PC Matic antivirus scored 97.5%. This test was performed on 225 samples in the category of malware, email, web, and zero-day attacks. In another test with much larger samples of about 5,565, it obtained a score of 100%.  

PC Matic antivirus has a very minimal effect on the performance of a computer. It can be used on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The requirements of this software are 1GB of free hard drive space, 512MB of RAM, and 1GHz CPU. This is one of the least demanding antivirus software out there. If you want you can do a PC Matic download and use its amazing features. 


Being very unusual, it is still a very user-friendly antivirus software. It is also supported on Android smartphones. The installation process is also very easy and fast. You will face no problem in doing a PC Matic download and installing it on your computer. A regular user can get a bit confused due to all the options that are available. Even then, the interface is very user-friendly and with a bit of effort, they will be able to install it successfully. 

The pricing of PC Matic antivirus

You have to pay $50 for 5PCs for an annual subscription and $150 for 5PCs for a lifetime subscription. With these plans, you get optimization and protection for 5 devices. A customer can buy licenses for up to 125 devices. This is very impressive and hence making it the best paid antivirus. However, after paying all this money, you will not get any additional features or change anything. 

If you compare it to its competitors, the pricing is very affordable. Its lifetime subscription is very unique and you will be able to save money on this offer. This kind of offer is made by no other antivirus software. Additionally, there is also a free version. But, that is not very impressive. With the free version, you will only be able to run scans. The scan will be completed and the result will be shown on the screen. But after that, you will not be able to fix any problems. Fixing the problems is only available with the paid version. 

Services and support

If you are facing any trouble with the PC Matic download, setup, or any other issue, you can visit the official website of PC Matic antivirus for assistance. Here, you will find many FAQs, various videos explaining the downloading and setup process. There is a kind of interactive knowledge base on the Customer Service page. You will be asked several questions by the system and it will give answers based on the information that you provide. 

This system is not as simple as a live chat, but, most of your problems can be solved here. Users can send email messages to the Technical Support page. The website claims that they solve the problems of the users in no longer than a 1-day period. Here, you will also find a user guide which is 32 pages long. 

The how-to videos on the website are very easy and helpful. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person, you will not face any difficulty in solving your problem.    


As you have seen from the PCMatic reviews that it is a bit different from other antivirus softwares. Getting used to it will require a little time. However, with its pricing, it can become an attractive option for a lot of users. Apart from this, the support for this antivirus software is very good. Many of its other features are also very decent and it is worth trying.