We are now centered on technology and the internet. Everything we do can be done with the help of our smartphones and an internet connection. Whether it’s as simple as ordering food or supplies or more tedious tasks like analyzing data, we rely heavily on technology. This has become more evident last year when schools and offices started operating at home or remotely. After all, social distancing and staying at home is the best way to keep ourselves safe from the Coronavirus.

With this, all documents and files have mostly gone digital or paperless. Snail mails are slowly becoming a thing of the past—almost obsolete. So, as technology is progressing, we must adjust well to it and take advantage of it. In this article, we’ll introduce you to GogoPDF, a great online tool for all your digital documents.

Introducing GogoPDF

If you haven’t tried GogoPDF, then you really missed a lot! Since documents and files are now digital, you can maximize the use of them with this awesome online tool. GogoPDF is basically an online software as a service (or SaaS) tool for all your document conversion, repair, editing, and other needs. You can easily PDF repair, convert them to other Office file formats, and modify them to your preference.

But what sets GogoPDF apart from other online tools is its user-friendly website interface and hassle-free procedures. Unlike other websites that have a messy interface, GogoPDF is easily navigable. Everything is laid out neatly for you to find the tools and features you need. Just open their website on any web browser of your choice on any electronic device and upload the file you want to modify. In just two minutes, you’ll have your final file ready for downloading or sharing with others.

The best part of it is it’s free! You won’t have to register or subscribe to anything prior to using their services. Although they have Premium services, this is all up to you. If you’re working with a ton of PDF files and you need to edit or convert dozens in a day, then the Premium offer is recommended. But if you’ll only need to edit a handful of files, then you can make do with their free services.

But, why are PDFs most preferred?

Of all the file formats out there, you might wonder why PDFs are mostly preferred by many users. Well, that’s because PDFs are the most accessible and versatile format. Unlike raw file formats like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint slideshows, PDFs can be opened on any browser without hassle. You can use any web browser without needing additional apps or plug-ins. So, if you’ve downloaded a file in PDF, all you have to do is click or tap it and you can already read it. What’s more, is that PDFs keep their formatting. With other raw files, you may experience trouble with the overall look of the document. Raw files change their formatting depending on the device or version of the application used. But this isn’t the case with PDFs. How you saved a PDF file will be the same way when sent or shared with others.

Submitting requirements or tasks in PDF is the best way to go. You’ll spare yourself and your recipient the hassle of copying and pasting the content to a black document when the letters have jumbled up. Raw files tend to jumble up their lettering when sent or received. In the long run, you’ll also get to save a ton of disk space with PDF files. This is because PDFs are smaller in file size compared to other raw formats.

Lastly, PDFs aren’t editable. This can come with disadvantages, since some people may need to edit the file. But the beauty of uneditable files is that the original content can’t be tampered with. This is great for official documents. But in the case of needing to edit a PDF file, GogoPDF has an “Edit PDF” feature that will surely come in handy.

3 GogoPDF features to maximize your PDFs

  • Repair PDF

There may be cases when a PDF file gets corrupted. But fret not as GogoPDF has a Repair PDF feature to help you out. You can easily repair corrupted PDF files with this tool. No need to go through the hassle of asking the sender to resend you the file because you can repair it yourself.

  • Edit PDF

As we have mentioned before, there may be a case when you need to edit particular PDFs. This is a great feature for you to modify PDF files in case you have to add or delete something in the document. No need to copy and paste everything in a new document and change the overall formatting with this cool feature.

  • Number Pages

Sometimes, you need to have pages on your PDFs to make things easier to find. This is especially helpful for long readings and e-books. If you’re a professor or a student who needs to lecture or read specific parts of a reading material, then the “Number Pages” is of great help.

Go digital!

So, those are GogoPDF and PDF files for you. We have given you an introduction to GogoPDF and its neat features and why PDF files are the best file format. We have also given you three features of GogoPDF to help you maximize your documents. But those are just three features. When you visit the GogoPDF website, you will find a ton of other features to help you out.

In this age of technology, we are all going digital. So, take advantage of what is offered and make the most out of it. Going digital with documents makes everything faster and more convenient. So, being equipped with the best online tools like GogoPDF can help you make your work more efficient. We hope our article helps you out with your paperless digital documents. Visit GogoPDF today and discover its other great offers!

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