Windows 10 has been known to exceed performance expectation with amazing UX. However, users often complain of certain issues. One of them is driver power state failure. It is also a type of BSOD error which causes due to power state driver failure. But using these 3 ways you can easily fix driver power state failure on Windows 10.

 power state failure


When Does This Error Occur?

Drivers power state failure on Windows 10 occurs generally during the starting point of your system. A blue screen appears due to the failure of power state driver.

Now, there can be many reasons as to why this happens. The power state driver may fail due to continuous system crashes. It is also observed that overall malware also affects the driver. Additionally, improper shutting down may also cause power state driver failure.

How To Fix Driver Powerstate Failure On Windows 10?

You can easily fix power state driver failure on your Windows 10 OS. Since it is a driver issue, you can fix it easily using simple steps.

You need to check the following three things before we start-
Power saving- You have to turn off the power saving mode
Uninstall drivers- Look out for infected drivers and uninstall them.
Log into Windows 10- Always log into your system.

3 Ways to Fix Driver Powerstate Failure on Windows 10

Here are the following detail steps to fix power state failure without any difficulty. You can follow these steps for a quick solution

System Power Settings
Your problem with power state issue can be solved if you change the power settings. You can do it with shortcut keys. Press Windows + R key simultaneously.

In the Control Panel option, go to Power Option. Select the option ‘Balanced’. In addition, you can also go for Power saver option for ensuring an optimized performance. As soon as the settings are done, save and restart your system.

Uninstall problem driver
The corrupted driver often causes a certain aspect to malfunction. So, you need to identify the malfunctioning or corrupted system, driver. You can easily identify the unidentified driver from Device Manager.

Press Windows key together with R key. Now, run the following command “”. This will open all the list of driver active on your system. Therefore, find the driver that has a yellow mark and uninstall it. In this way, you can also fix driver power state failure on Windows 10

Update drivers
Updating drivers can always work as a fail-safe. In other words, updating drivers helps yours regularly. It keeps your system functions intact and at par with operating system requirements.
running on your computer.
Microsoft releases driver updates. When updated, system driver problems are resolved on their own.

The power state driver is an important aspect of your system. So, you must make sure that it is always glitch-free. Make use of the above steps to fix driver power state failure on Windows 10.