Windows 10 is the most used operating system running across at least 400 million devices. The operating is easy to work with and has got very user-friendly features and powerful functions. However, the users are facing issues such as WiFi keeps disconnecting windows 10.  Users demands for a quick solution to resolve wifi connection issues on Windows 10. This article will guide you to resolve Wi-Fi connection issues on Windows 10.

Why WiFi Disconnects On Windows 10?

There are specific reasons for disconnection of WiFi network in Windows 10. Here are some common causes of WiFi disconnection on Windows 10.

  • If your WiFi network is not compatible with Windows 10 operation.
  • If the VPN client is of the older version- (suppose Cisco.VPN client, Sonic Global Client) is of an older version. You need an  Upgraded version.
  • Problems in re-installing  the network adapter
  • The troubleshooter is not responding  You need to complete all the process in Troubleshooting program.  
  • While connecting  PC to the router, you may not be typing the correct name and password key.
  • Windows 10 does not support all types of WiFi network-  There are different settings for different WiFi connection, also separate settings for different countries.
  • Wired Ethernet connection may not function properly. It is for those who all are using Ethernet adapter or USB Ethernet.
  • Driver issues – Driver Talent which helps to run the program may be the reason for not connecting to WiFi.
  • Disruption in Run administrator and command programs may lead to disruption in updating to newer versions.

Solution to resolve Wi-Fi connection: Things You Can Try –

You can try out the following steps, to resolve the WiFi connection.

  • Newer update version of VPN software needs to be installed to resolve Wi-Fi connection issues on Windows 10.Resolve Wi-fi Connection Issues On Windows 10
  • Windows 10  fall creator  /creator/ anniversary update should be done.- It is better to update your operating system. It provides more security for your important documents. The anniversary was launched with “Cortona” available for all android phones.
  • You also check the reason for the sudden drop in WiFi connectivity from power option available in the start menu. From there you can adjust the power settings and wireless Adapter setting.
  • You can check and update security menu from the taskbar of your Windows screen. Simply click on the Troubleshoot tab. You need to follow the onscreen instructions, device manager, and Power management.

Wifi Reconnection Solution: Especially For Smartphones

Are you trying to resolve Wi-fi connection issues on Windows 10 smartphone? Then there are certain things you can follow-

  • Turn off the Bluetooth of your mobile
  • Insert sim  of your phone
  • Need to filter MAC (media access control)
  • If you are connecting through public hotspot – Is your hotspot only connected to the certain device?  then you may not access WiFi if you don’t know the password.

 Following this procedure, you can resolve wi-fi connection issues on windows 10.