Scanguard antivirus is one of the new names in the industry of antivirus software. It is relatively new compared to other antivirus softwares. However, though still young, this software has enough features to rival the leading antivirus software in the market. Its software is very intuitive. A user can access it from anywhere and it can support multiple devices. 

However, because it is new, many people are questioning its authenticity and asking questions like “is Scanguard safe?” And others are treating it as a Scanguard scam. If you are interested in knowing what Scanguard really is, then continue further into this Scanguard software review and I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

What is Scanguard?

Scanguard offers two types of scans- quick scan, this helps in keeping your computer safe by doing scans in everyday places like browser, downloads, desktop, etc; full scan, this is an in-depth scan and it will help to do a scan for every corner of the computer. It is capable of detecting malware, spyware, adware, etc. 

However, in addition to the threat detection feature, Scanguard will also help in the smooth running of your computer. Scanguard’s File Manager will help you to delete your duplicate files and also boost the output for performance and speed. It also manages the settings so that your computer keeps running without any hindrance. This process includes working on your unwanted cache and old history of the internet and at the same time, keeping your current information safe. I hope that this gave you a brief overview of what is scanguard?

Scanguard software review

Now, let us dive deeper into the various aspects of the Scanguard antivirus. In this Scanguard antivirus review, we will see the pricing, security, and reliability, usability and the features of Scanguard. And lastly, we will discuss if it is a scam and is Scanguard safe to use? 


Scanguard will first offer you a 30 days free trial period. Within this period, you will be charged no money, not even for downloading the software. After thins period is over, if you want to continue using it, then you have to pay $24.95 per year for the Essential Antivirus package. This is the standard package and it offers real-time phishing and ransomware protection, computer optimization tools, firewall protection, etc. 

The next one is the Pro Antivirus package. For this, you have to pay $39.95 per year. This package contains all the features of the standard package and with the addition of three device license. Moreover, you will also get a Safe Password vault to protect your password.

Lastly, there is the Ultimate Antivirus package. For this, you will have to pay $59.95 and you will also get licenses which will be for 5 devices. Additionally, you also get 24/7 priority support. However, according to the users, Pro is the most popular package and you will get a VPN for all the versions of the antivirus.    

Security and reliability

This is the most important aspect of antivirus software and Scanguard does not disappoint. It is seen that Scanguard can fight the toughest virus with great ease. When you will do a scan in real-time, the process will not slow down your computer. This is the issue with many of the top antivirus softwares. By solving this issue, Scanguard has really impressed us. 

In the privacy department also, it has shown a huge improvement. Its privacy features are much capable of giving the leading antivirus softwares the run for their money. There are two options for scanning, quick scan, and full scan. The quick scan scans all the important folders. Whereas the full scan scans the entire system. If they find anything that looks suspicious, they automatically quarantine it so that the rest of the system remains safe. 


Scanguard has an awesome and user-friendly design. Its official website is relaxing and nice. The process of downloading and installing the software is very straightforward and the software itself is also pretty simple and easy to use. You are provided with all the features from the beginning. 

Another great feature of this antivirus is that it has cross-device compatibility. This means that the feature of the antivirus will be the same for all the devices. With this feature, Scanguard stands out from all other antivirus softwares. 

Its advanced settings are very easy to use and are very intuitive. With just a few clicks you can configure the antivirus as you want. 


So, from the scanguard reviews until now, you have known that it is very user-friendly and it falls no short in providing security and privacy. Now, let us see what are the features it has to offer:-

1. Scanguard VPN

This is one of the most important features provided by Scanguard. With the help of the Scanguard VPN, you can mask your online activities and improve your online security. Additionally, Scanguard VPN is also capable of accessing content that is restricted in your region by bypassing geo-restrictions. Now, you will be able to watch content from all over the world. 

2. Web shield

Scanguard provides an extra layer of protection, called the Web Shield, to protect the computer from different threats that are present online. When you are browsing the internet, the Web shield scans the transferred data in real-time and prevents the downloading of any malware or viruses. It will also prevent you from entering any harmful website. This feature of Web shield is compatible with well-known browsers like Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. 

3. Scanguard Password Vault

The Scanguard password vault is the feature that will help you to store your password. This will protect your password by encrypting it. Scanguard will provide the user with a master password that they can use to access this vault. 

4. System tune-up

Scanguard’s tool for system tune-up will help the users to boost the performance of their system. It scans the system for any duplicate images or files and deletes them. Additionally, it will also free up space form your computer by deleting all the junk files. These junk files include the cache and old internet history. You will get this feature with all the paid versions of the Scanguard.

Is Scanguard a scam?

Since Scanguard is a fairly new antivirus in the market, many people have questions like “is scanguard a scam?” or “is scanguard safe?” However, that is not the case and Scanguard scam is not a reality. Scanguard provides a whole suite of antivirus software and also a set of tools for optimizing the system as you have seen in the earlier part of this Scanguard review.

The Scanguard for Android scam is also as false as it is for the computer systems. It actually helps in protecting and optimize Android devices. You will just need a space of 49.95 MB to install Scanguard on your Android device. So, if you hear from anyone about Scanguard for Android scam or Scanguard scam for the computer OSs, you should not believe them.

Final verdict

I hope that from this Scanguard antivirus reviews, you are able to understand a lot about Scanguard. So, if you were asking “is Scanguard safe?” before this review, you have now known that it is completely safe and the level of safety it offers is at par with the leading antivirus softwares in the market.