Today a communication device has become one of the most powerful tools for humankind. 

A mobile phone has helped us communicate throughout the world and Social Media has helped us connect to every part of the world via social media platforms. Thus Integrating Social Media into Mobile Web Design could change the way of communicating and marketing.

Nikola Tesla, a visionary sitting in 1926 predicted that “ there would be a communication device which will connect us to the rest of the world and a man will be able to carry that device in his vest pocket ”

He predicted it 8 decades before a mobile phone was launched. 

Almost our everyday life depends on mobile phones and apps. A human on average needs to use 4-5 apps a day. And it has become an essential part of our lives. 

With the growing need for different applications, the mobile app sector has become a multi-billion dollar industry having more than 3  million apps.

Most of the companies website work as a center of their online brand. Customers access information about products and promotions from social media sites and also rely on these platforms for seeing other customer feedback and also use it to take customer service.

Mobile and Social media have shown significant growth in the world of technology. And if both could be integrated, it could great better results in terms of marketing, sales and global outreach. 

Today we will discuss How to Integrate Social Media into Mobile Web Design.

Before going into a detailed discussion, let’s check the aspects of social media web design integration. 

Micro and Macro interactions matters

  1. Connecting exponentially to the rest of the world
  2. Exposure to information and activity with your network.
  3. Sharing data with friends and acquaintances
  4. Providing solid feedback on shared information or answering a common query.
  5. Direct communication with others.

When social media combined with mobile various types of interactions can emerge. And accessing this information and analyzing it could bring potential outcome for businesses. 

Once you start incorporating both your social media presence will be more visible to people.

# Let’s roll onto 5 different ways of how to integrate social media into mobile web design.

1. Make social login easier

According to data, more than 72 percent of users prefer signing in to a site with the help of social media login. People now get irritated when asked for an email address. 

 People now generally use a social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to get access or log in to other websites or apps and this way conversions of users registrations has also increased. 

This helps reduce the time for the entire login process. Seamless login also allows the sites to form an internal society and in the future, it can be used for businesses to share personalized contents and connect with their users via campaigns and other interacting methods.

2. Add social share and follow button

Enabling social share and follow button in your site could help you get a better response in the future. Apart from raising brand awareness, users can also share content within a loop or individual friends, thus improving user experience. 

 Social shares button should be implemented at the top or bottom and the side of your page according to the best website designs. Social shares also give you a choice to share in social networks that actually matters to users.

Also, add the “follow” button on your site. Once you do that your follower will increase creating awareness.

3. Use of Social Proof

Integrating social proof in your site could boost up your sales and total conversion rate. Your customer will trust you more once you add social proof because it works as informational social influence.

   Data suggest more than 79 percent of users trust social proof just like personal recommendations. This feature could help establish an image of your brand or product being legitimate. 

Most importantly you could benefit dozens of more facebook likes by this feature integration.

Let’s keep rolling and discuss other interesting features.

4. Benefit from social video feature

Social video help marketers to enhance the content they are focused on. Visual information always attracts users. Pages having quality videos usually have a high chance of better rank in search engines.

 Adding social video can potentially increase visitor’s time on a page and helps to engage customers in improving conversions rates. Videos can contribute more to your page than paragraphs of lined up information. And integrating social video feature is an easy thing to do.

5. Boosting brand awareness

Your app or website is your brand. Creating a good app don’t complete your job, you have to make sure that you need to market your product to the right audience. The need for Social media integration with app development plays quite an essential role.

 It helps create your brand awareness and broaden them so that they can reach your audience and interact with them. Social media is an economical way of reaching millions and increase your app’s visibility across the globe. 

 Wrapping up 

We have talked on How to integrate social media into mobile web design and what benefit it can add in the future. Once you go through all the points, it will be fun doing those practically for yourself. Making your website social media friendly can definitely increase traffic to your site and improve conversion level. Most importantly when these two are combined, it will help keep your online presence throughout the globe.

That’s why Maximizing your social media performance by integrating with mobile web design is so important in 2019.

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