You can fix Avast antivirus issue on windows 10 by understanding the core of the problem. Presently, Avast is one of the leading antiviruses found in the technical market. However, few users are finding it difficult to install and run anti-virus on Windows 10.

Defining the terms

Avast antivirus is a software or program. Its design prevents, searches, detects, removes malicious software and viruses. It removes worms like adware, trojan etc. It runs every time we log in to the computer and connect to the internet or wifi.

Avast antivirus has much domain names like Avast free anti-virus, Avast premier, ultimate, internet security etc. At any rate, they serve the same purpose. Anti-viruses scan CD, flash drive, and any specific file in the desktop.

Grounds to fix Avast antivirus Issue

First, check the device you are using. The anti-virus can work for desktops, tablets, laptops, smartphones and other devices. So, to fix the avast antivirus issue, install a latest and updated security software. Keep two things in mind while you are troubleshooting the antivirus problem.

  1. Avast cannot recognise the Windows operating system files. Avast tries to delete them. However, Avast antivirus is compatible with Windows version 10.
  2. Windows 10  cannot recognise Avast in Action centre. this technical issue users often complain about. they find pop-ups on the right side of the screen.
  3. Often, While installing the Antivirus, Avast covers the visible space with a black screen. Keep in mind, this is not the blue screen of death error.
  4. At times, Avast anti-viruses do not  Install after downloading. In addition to that, errors like process trust come up.
  5. At times, the  Virtual private network or WAN connection shatters when a new anti-virus is installed. It often happens because, with new connections, the old system files erase. Windows firewall also disables for the time being.
  6. The tough fight between the previous anti-virus and the new anti-virus can slow down the computer a bit. Make sure, the old anti-virus is disabled while using the new one.

Avast antivirus issue

Troubleshoot Avast Anti-Virus Issue

Now we will discuss the various solutions one can take to solve the problem.

  • We recommend you to use smart scan software for quick solutions. First, select command prompt icon from the start menu and type a command winmgmt /verifyrepository. Then enter. With more commands proceed further.
  • For black screen issues, select the Avast icon in the taskbar and move to the avast interface. Move to settings, then general option and add any extension present there. Do not forget to restart the computer.
  • If error codes pop up, you can solve it by scanning Windows issues. Scanning will fix intricate nuggets automatically. The use repair all option.
  • Furthermore, you can find a conflict between the old and new anti-virus that is installing. Do not worry. Just disable the one you are not using.
  • Update operating system if Avast anti-virus software does not update even after following the steps given above. Use the start icon and in the writing space use the VPN address or type firewall. The firewall should be disabled to help the anti-virus work.