With its history, state-of-the-art timepieces, and spot as a significant influencer on the development of the luxury wristwatch, Omega is one of the leading Swiss watch brands. Watch aficionados are always in anticipation of what’s next from Omega. Moreover, their timepieces are highly-priced and valued in the market. Not only the latest models, but this is equally true to their classic and iconic watches. Read on, and this article will give you a glimpse of the most sought-after and valuable Omega classic timepieces.

1. Speedmaster Professional

The Speedmaster Professional is among the most famous watches from this brand. The Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” made history when Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon with this timepiece in 1969. This moment became the start of the brand’s long relationship with NASA, making it the astronaut’s tool in piloted missions.  Now, labeled as an Omega classic watch, its recent version displays a moon phase complication at 6 o’clock. The complication gives the wearer a detailed and clear view of the moon – as detailed as a NASA photograph. Moreover, watch enthusiasts can glance at Neil Armstrong’s historical footprint on the moon.

2. Constellation Grand Luxe

Labeled as one of the most beautiful pieces ever created by the brand, Omega Constellation Grand Lux remains one of the most valued models. It’s a favorite luxury watch among collectors. Since 1952 this model has been acknowledged as among the timepieces with remarkable precision. It is also recognized as among watches with the highest level of luxury. 

The case was 18K yellow gold, and the dimensions are 35 mm. It comes with a leather bracelet, and an automatic chronometer-certified movement, and caliber 501/505. Omega Constellation Grand Lux is water-resistant up to 30 meters. 

When you look at the dial, you will find that the name Constellation is on top of a Gold Star.  While on the back of the case is the famous medallion which features an observatory crowned by a Constellation of eight stars. 

3. Speedmaster 105.003

Speedmaster 105.003 is indeed a rare gem for many watch enthusiasts, and it is categorically labeled as the last piece of its kind. It was made available to the market from 1963, and theoretically, the production was up until 1965 only. 

Speedmaster 105.003 was famously known as Ed White, after Edward Higgins White – the first astronaut to take a spacewalk. 

It is very similar to the “baton” 105.002 with minor differences. 

4. Seamaster Ploprof

Initially designed for professional use, the brand produced the 1960s model in collaboration with COMEX, Jacques Cousteau- a world notable ocean explorer. It was 1970 when Omega Ploprof was released in the market. This launch happened after four years of development and intensive trial. This one is a groundbreaking watch from the brand, which earned the name “PloProf.” The nomenclature PLOngeur PROFessionnel is a french word that originated from the French-speaking team that crafted the watch.

Many considered this as an unappealing timepiece from the company. However, its functionality and reliability as a tool for divers outshine its non-appealing side. 


monobloc case construction

water resistance up to 600 meters

a red button indicates the bezel’s safety lock

unusual looking crown – locking nut


Caliber 8500 

In 2009, Omega relaunched it with an improvement to the water-resistance feature. The latest model is water-resistant to 1,200 meters. 

5. Marine

Marine is the pioneer diving watch from this brand and had its debut in 1932. The rectangular shape safeguards the watch during diving and swimming activities. 

Marine has a waterproof crown at 12 o’clock and was totally contained in the case, put together by a tiny flip lock to ensure that the watch face was firmly enclosed. Moreover, it was the first quartz wristwatch ever granted certified status as a marine chronometer.

6. Seamaster Professional 300M

Relatively young as compared to other watches in this list, Seamaster Professional 300M’s is highly competitive in terms of its specifications, features, and popularity. Introduced in 1993, this watch opened doors for Omega in gaining attention from younger watch lovers. Thanks to the 1995 James Bond film, Goldeneye.  

It features a helium valve at 10 o’clock, a blue wave-patterned dial, a blue bezel, and a screw-down crown.

7. Seamaster Automatic – Honeycomb 

This timepiece is one of a kind, its oversized vintage automatic watch with honeycomb dial is quite unusual during the 1950s. Its case measures 36.5mm across. This is excluding the crown by 45.8mm from lug tip to lug tip. = Lastly, the case is made of gold-capped over stainless steel. 

8. Mega Quartz Stardust

Mega Quarz Stardust is a dream for watch collectors. It was said that the company only made 100 in a total of 1000 MQ 1510 calibers. It was not a surprise that aside from its number that speaks of its rarity, it is also considered the most precise wristwatch ever produced by the brand and was made by Omega as a marine chronometer. 

Each dial was crafted manually, a thin glistening layer of natural Aventurine crystal dust was applied onto a light base plate made of fiberglass and metal. Thus, making cleaning and maintenance a challenge for the wearer. The quartz oscillates 2400.000 times per second, and it is 72 times faster than a standard 32.768Hz.

In A Nutshell

Omega classic watches had stood the test of times. One cannot deny that every piece is both a work of art and a product of Science. In each watch Omega’s vision turned to reality. Thus, collectors highly value classic Omega watches. Lastly, the most well-loved timepieces possess superb functionality, a rarity in terms of style, and limited production. 

Another reason for classic watches’ fame is its association with celebrities or people who had made a name in history. There you have it, the top 8 vintage Omega watches. Please include them in your collection and get more of your money’s worth. And you’ll have your wisest investment right at your fingertips. Make sure to get your own piece!

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