The pressure is immense as the exam time is around the corner and when you have no idea how you should be planning your studies, it gets really tough to deal with that pressure. However, as important as it is to deal with the pressure of studies when exams are soon going to be around, it is important to lighten up your mood by watching some great Netflix shows. So today we have come up with the top five Netflix series you must watch before your exams get started!


This is one of the most entertaining and thrilling shows that Netflix has ever made and you will not feel bored while watching it. The series is six seasons long and will take a lot of time from your pocket, but it is worth every second that you spend watching it. The Next Hint has reported about Longmire season 7 that the makers have decided not to move forward with it and they have cancelled the show. The fans of the show are devastated with this news and it is advised that if you have not watched this fantastic series then watch it on your own risk for it is not going to get a next season.


You can feel your pressure and rage getting visualized in the actions of the lead characters of the show when he smashes the bad guys out of the windows. The Punisher is one of the finest superhero shows which is based on the Marvel comic book character of the same name. It is a highly engaging action drama which has a lot of violence and bloodshed. So you gotta watch it at your own discretion and not just because we suggested that you should watch it.


There is some sort of pleasantness that superhero shows bring with them, but Jessica Jones is not your regular superhero show. It is dark, gritty and full of action. You will feel thrilled to see a young girl in action when she fights the bad guys. It is a great show and you must watch it before your exams get started.


No, we are not obsessed with superhero shows. It is just that we still believe that there is nothing better than a superhero show which deals with some serious issues while entertaining the viewers at the same time. The Umbrella Academy is a great show and you must watch it if you love to watch superhero shows before exams.


An animated show which is certainly going to keep you entertained with its extremely hilarious performances and the voice acting of the cast. You can watch this show on Netflix before you start studying for your exams!

We believe that upon watching these shows, you will be in a better position to study for your exams and you will score the highest marks in the class. Also, if you want to know more about such amazing Netflix series then you must keep an eye on this space!

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