Hey, the Twitter fans out there, here is a good news for you. Twitter’s website with new design has arrived and has left the users in high spirits. Do you use Twitter? Do you know what it is? Before going to the main context, here are a few lines about this amazing social platform.

Twitter is the major term that evolves while talking about social media platforms. This online platform is not only used as a social media platform but also a great source of important news. Other social networking sites are a good source of news but not as good as Twitter. People here communicate with short messages called tweets. Tweeting is the process of posting those short messages.

Over 260 million people use Twitter on a global scale. Among all the male internet users 24% have Twitter accounts. 21% of all the female Internet users have a valid account on Twitter. 79% of Twitter users are from outside America. So this makes this fact very evident that Twitter is famous.

People have smartphones and that has led to more engagement of people on using social media more than ever. Using these sites on desktop or laptop is pretty interesting even though it is a classic way to use social sites.

Twitter Website New Design

Good news for you if you prefer using social media on desktop computers, especially if you are a Twitter user. The Twitter website with new design on desktop has come up with a brand new face. It is much more attractive and clearer.

Twitter has finally become ‘modern’. Now the desktop version has a room for bookmarks. This will be helpful to you for getting a quick look on the trending posts and news. If you look at the design carefully you will find a great resemblance with the mobile version of Twitter.

This new design is getting major shout out from the users. The developers were working on this update since the beginning of the year. Now that their hard work is out in the hands of people, it looks like their hard work really did pay off.

The Navigation Panel Upturn

The latest version has made using Twitter way easier than before. Talk about the navigation tool, multiple account handling, easy viewing, attractiveness, or any other aspect, each and every feature is right in front of you in an organized manner.

Switching account was a bit tough before while using Twitter on desktop. It is easy now. You can easily move from one account to another with the help of the navigation bar seen at the side. This feature will support a multiple account management very easily.

The advanced search options and features are available here. You will get the Search filters panel at the right side of the screen along with the other navigation tools.

The left hand side bar will help you to all of Twitter’s key segments. This is also inclusive of your Twitter notifications, Direct Messages, Bookmarks, Lists, Explore, and all the other key features.

The Mode that Suits the Eye

Well, here is one of the very exciting and important updates. The latest desktop version has come up with the very useful dim and dark mode themes. Also, the Lights Out mode turns the screen completely black which helps to highlight contents and also your eyes feel much comfort while reading any tweet.

The Look that Turns More Heads

Now you will be able to personalize your own profile with different colors and make your profile look more attractive than ever. Your profile icon appears on the top right corner of the screen. After you click on that icon a list appears. This list includes options like Profile, Lists, Moments, Twitter Ads, Settings and privacy, Analytics, Themes, and so on. You can click on Profile to visit your own profile and click on the other option to perform the respective tasks.

This version of Twitter website with new design on desktop shows an enhanced layout. The screen includes direct message boxes much like an inbox where you will be able to receive and send response to conversations.

Direct Messages – a Step up the Ladder

The present desktop version of Twitter has double-paned Direct Message section. This gives a real inbox environment with the chat list on the left and the conversations at the right. Now, Twitter also provides a newly designed emoji button with hundreds of exciting emojis.

A Better Home Screen

There is one change in the design which is the most distinguishable. It is definitely the organization and the layout of the Twitter home screen itself.

You can make the size of the webpage smaller if you are having any sort of issues with the size of the navigation labels. Decreasing the size leads to the hiding of  the text labels of the items of navigation.

The navigation updates is proving itself to be the most useful one. The reason is it eases the utilization of this platform for the casual users and the fresh Twitter account makers.

The Final Note on this Piece

It is a mystery that how many people will go for this version. This is so because these changes are not available with the previous updates.

The team of Twitter has basically worked on this update not only targeting the desktop users but also the mobile users. It plans on providing a uniform and smooth sophistication.

Well, I need to tell you that if you prefer the traditional Twitter.com to the newest version, then it is not a very good news. The latest design gives you no option to go back to the classic phase.

This was all about the latest update of the design of Twitter. So, after going through the details it is very evident that Twitter will engage more people from around the world for its simplicity. Also, the fresh look will raise interest in many heads.

I hope this article served you well with the required info. If you are preferring the website with new design, let us know how much you like this genre of Twitter. A share will be really appreciated.

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