Are you interested in web design and development? But are you just a beginner and confused about what to do and what to search? Then here is the solution to your all queries. Here we have mentioned what technologies are trending in the market to build up a prominent and eye-catching website.

Any website is a medium for our visitors to reach us. So, the right technologies, suitable frameworks and reliable website builders are very important to develop a website.

Trending Technologies for Website Design and Development

New technologies are coming to our rescue day-by-day. We need to get familiar with those technologies in order to survive in this competitive field. Most trending techs of 2019 are described in the below section.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has provided us the scope to make machines learning by themselves. It basically works with collecting numerous data. Also, it retrieves unknown data from processing the data thoroughly. 

Chatbots like Cortana from Microsoft or Alexa from Amazons are the application of Artificial intelligence. And if you want to enhance security issues in your website, then Artificial Intelligence is your one-stop destination.


JavaScript is in the trending list for web development for the past several years. It is flexible though very powerful platform to work on.

There are many derived platforms that use JavaScript as their scripting language. AngularJS is one of them. Google developed AngularJS. It can provide you the facility to do necessary future-change on web APIs. 

Another well-known JavaScript platform is React.JS. You can highly rely on this if you are gonna design mobile apps because it is capable of creating user-interactive interfaces.


We all have learned about bitcoin, right? So in this bitcoin era, we need more security measures to protect us from online fraud. Blockchain ensures security as well as protection.

Blockchain works on peer-to-peer communication with a strict inter-node protocol. Each block in a blockchain uses cryptography. There are huge chances to make your website more eminent if you apply this technology.

Mobile Friendliness

Almost everyone possesses a smartphone. And to reach visitors from every class, your websites need to be mobile-friendly. The design should match the ethics of down scrolling and quick navigation on mobile.

As desktop and mobile have different hardware and software, some companies design two different interfaces. One is for the desktop version and the other is for mobile viewing, without any hazard.

We are done with the top 5 trending techs behind web design and development that you can use to make a website more functional.

Best Frameworks For Website Development Purpose

Here we will introduce you to some of the most reliable frameworks available in the market. 

Angular JS

This digital giant is very popular with developers as it offers a reliable, flexible platform. It’s basically an open-source framework which performs terrific for designing front end of any web application, whether it is for desktop or mobile.

Cake PHP

PHP comes in the first list when you decide to design an e-commerce website. Cake PHP works on the Model-Controller-View (MCV) model. You can reuse your old website projects through CakePHP. It saves lots of money as well as time. Because cost-management and time-management are the major factors behind any web design and development project. has gained much respect from developers worldwide. You can create dynamic web pages as well as websites. Every company is looking for experts in this platform nowadays.


If you are looking for a PHP based framework, then Laravel must be in your choices. This goes well with the back-end of your interactive website. This framework adds syntactic sugar to your web design and development.

Take a Glance At Top-Notch Website Builders

Before choosing the right builder for your website, you need to be specific about the goal of your website. It varies from blogging to promoting direct sales. You may choose one of the following website builders discussed below.


This is the most preferred website builder worldwide. Moreover, nearly 34 percent of website developers depend on this. Multi-lingual support is one of the major features of WordPress. You can access more than 50000 plugins through WordPress.


You can easily go for this if you want to host a website for blogging, small business. This provides you drag and drop facility. This website builder helps you to develop websites compatible with both desktop and mobile.


Shopify is ideal for eCommerce and online store website development. Managing software, as‌ ‌well‌ ‌as‌ ‌backups, are very easy for Shopify users. Payment solution also comes with this.


GoDaddy is another cost-effective website builder. You can trust this as a professional website builder with an integrated photo library. This creates websites compatible with both desktop and mobile.

You have to choose the right framework and technology, at first and then you can go for any of the website builders as per your needs. Therefore, web design and development is not the result of only one measure. Things need to be pre-planned so that you can avoid future hindrances and choosing the right framework attracts visitors to your web applications.