In the last 10 years, the Internet has matured and changed a lot. Thousands of Business is now establishing online and all are scaling up to make web design much better. Grand business is often heard incorporating with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to make a solid impact and improve the user interface.

According to data 75 percent of consumers judge integrity and the prospect of your business from your website’s design. This decade has made consumers more choosy and judgemental because there are thousands of businesses and everyone is trying to go for the best web design.

The web design world is an enthusiastic place and almost all designers remain curious about new updates, latest technology, and current trends.

Standing in 2019 would take a lot of your energy and efficiency to create a good and modern web design.

While designing a web page, one must stay updated to the latest trends and make predictions for the future. If you want to make your website stand out among all other active competitors you need to be innovative and follow the ongoing trends.

After a lot of research, we have come up with 7 Web Design trends and predictions for 2019 that is really going to make major differences

Building a website in 2019 needs captivating architecture and layouts, amazing speed, eyecatching web designs, effective optimization and many more.

To know more on 7 Web Design trends and predictions for 2019 please go through the below givens steps :

1. Mobile-first-indexing A recent study says that above 60 percent of total mobile searches are made through mobile phones. User preference is inclined more towards mobile devices.

Google says above 61 percent of users bounce off the website if there is trouble accessing it and 40 percent turns up to competitor website.

 This is why ”Mobile First-Indexing” is mandatory key to keep in mind. It will enhance the chance to rank your site higher on search engine result pages. Business is relying on their websites as a primary engaging factor, thus you need to make mobile user-experience better than before. Grand business often comes up with a dedicated app for mobile. Customers now expect a seamless experience both from websites and apps.

This is why Mobile optimization keeps utmost importance in 2019.

2. Microlevel-Interaction – Micro-animations may sound odd but this feature can be efficient enough to convince a consumer and make them feel valued. Visual always engage people more than anything. Small videos, micro animations, and micro-interactions will leave a good impact on customers and may even convert them.

 Last 2 years have seen most use of this feature and have got satisfying results. This way you can bring more customers involvement and usage on your website.

3. Evolution of Chatbots –  Chatbots have been in use for several years now, and they are used for auto-response and communicating with customers directly. Apparently, chatbots are made smarter with integrated AI and machine learning methods for increased efficiency.

 Chatbots react based on previous user data and chat history. They can even know our interests from previous data and act accordingly to give users a better experience. Developing smart chatbots can improve response time and personalize communication.

There are other unmissable trends to have a glance at.

4. Designs and Typography –  While designing remember to optimize it properly keeping in mind important aspects that your site need like site speed, usage of bright colors, fonts and white space. Keep your site focused with minimal elements and light content. Responsive web design furnishes strong user experience for your customers and can bring good conversions.

5. Typography – is another thing that falls in 2019 web design trends. It helps you make sure visitors get the message the site wants to convey and shows enthusiasm on your service or product. You can make a site for informative and interactive if you put useful illustrations and animations. From using illustrations to add new styles and letters to your site Typography will definitely stay trending for coming years.

6. Enable Voice Search – Data suggest more information are fetched on voice search than typical text-based searches. Smart businesses have already started implementing Voice search on their websites as it is the latest trends for great web design and is influencing major search engines throughout the world.

It is estimated that 50 percent of search queries will be made using voice search by 2020.

This ongoing trend can really change the mobile responsiveness of your business websites and generate a lead.

7. User-Attitude Tracking – This is a buzzword for 2019 and this feature can be used to studies and analyze the number of clicks, user interaction and other various user patterns. Very few businesses have started working with this. If you want an extraordinary result you must learn and start working with this feature. This is how you will know your customer’s behavior and keep ahead of the pack.

Along with all these major trends, other features will soon push their way in like Goggle map integration, use of AI and machine learning, use of AR and VR, image sharing and Motion UI in 2019. Staying on top needs you to introduce fresh ideas in order to change the user experience, drive more traffic and finally converting it to sales.

Final Words : 

We have presented you with 7 Web Design trends and predictions for 2019. Every 7 aspects have great potential to build or transform a website. So, don’t compromise any of this feature while going for solid web design. As customers are what we focus on, these methods can bring deep impact on customers and change the traditional way of web design.

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