Over the years, the implementation of AI has increased in advanced CCTV systems. Artificial Intelligence helps in detecting potential crimes efficiently. Further, AI-enabled CCTVs offer a plethora of benefits, which an IP camera alone can’t offer. And, the IP cameras were vulnerable to data breaches.

Tracking the CCTV footage was much easier with traditional surveillance systems. However, with the introduction of AI-enabled cameras, object detection has become easier. You can even monitor an individual’s behavioural changes via these smart cameras.

Over the years, more than 116 million CCTV networks have started using AI. Moreover, the application of AI and data analytics has evolved the surveillance sector. AI plays an integral role in movement detection, which is another reason why it’s used in CCTVs.

You can indemnify a person from a high-traffic area with AI-powered CCTVs. Do you know the reasons behind the rise in AI-integrated surveillance systems? Because it comes with more storage capacity and offers accurate results.

According to researchers, 75 countries are actively using AI technology for security purposes. During this pandemic, many offices have installed AI-powered security cameras. Also, you will find these CCTV systems in residential buildings as well. It can be expected that, even in the post-pandemic era, there will be high demand for AI cameras.

5 Reasons Behind the Upsurge in Using AI in Smart CCTV Cameras

Within a year, more than 40% of companies have deployed AI-based surveillance cameras. You must be thinking that only multinational enterprises have invested in it. But, many startups are also using AI cameras for enhancing their employees’ security.

You can even remotely monitor the AI cameras with a stable internet connection. All you need to do is install a compatible AI camera application on a smartphone. Moreover, the different app features will make camera accessibility easier.

Now, let’s see why the smart CCTV networks have indulged in enforcing AI:

1. Helps in Real-Time Video Monitoring

Gone are the days when people used to monitor the CCTV footage once it’s done recording. Nowadays, with AI cameras, you can deter crime before it takes place. Because this security camera has real-time monitoring facilities. You can even check what’s happening on office premises even when you’re not around. By installing AI-enabled surveillance cameras, many companies have prevented burglary and thefts. Contact a CCTV Repair Dubai expert for installing the best AI cameras.

2. Provides Instant Alerts

With the advent of AI cameras, organisations have efficiently removed the potential vulnerabilities. And, it has helped them to improve their productivity and work efficiency. These AI-driven solutions helped businesses to continue their operations smoothly. With AI-enabled mobile apps, users get real-time alerts. It helps in protecting the employees and clients from criminals.

These apps send instant notifications if the camera detects suspicious activities. Based on the AI camera you have installed, there will be different types of real-time alerts. Here is the list of real-time alert features that is available in the latest AI cameras:

  • Parking management system alert
  • Restroom alerts
  • Appearance similarly alerts
  • Face-recognition alerts
  • Trash management alerts
  • Occupancy alert
  • Restricted zone alerts

3. Offers Better Analysis

If you use a CCTV camera that provides low-quality images, change it. Because that makes it difficult to get clear evidence about the suspected person. IP or dome cameras are also incapable of capturing videos in a low light environment.

But, AI-enabled cameras can record high-quality videos even at night. Furthermore, AI can be used in smart CCTV networks to sharpen poor quality videos. Reaching the conclusions from such high-resolution video footage becomes much easier for an individual. So, switch to an AI camera and start an in-depth analysis of the crimes.

4. Maintains High Accuracy

AI cameras acknowledge the crucial security clues, which an individual can miss out. Moreover, you don’t need to keep on accessing the CCTV video footage to detect a crime. AI will let you know if anything uncanny takes place. Every possible threat can be detected from AI-enabled cameras. Earlier, the traditional CCTVs were unable to detect both humans and objects together. However, AI follows advanced algorithms which can identify objects and humans separately.

Artificial intelligence scrutinises a scene intuitively which humans are incapable of doing. Thus, AI-powered security cameras increase detection accuracy. You can even get acute details of the person from these CCTV cameras. Starting from identifying the object’s shape to colour, AI is capable of doing much more. So, get in touch with a CCTV installation Dubai expert now and protect the house from thieves.

5. Uses Edge Technology

Many renowned CCTV manufacturers are using edge computing in their devices. But, do you know why? Because edge technology helps a video surveillance network to carry out more functions. Also, edge computing takes less time in data processing. With an edge-based AI camera, you can opt for face-mask detection. Many companies are using this security solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This zero-touch surveillance solution also comes with a facial recognition feature. AI-enabled cameras have reduced the importance of biometric systems. And, these days, smart CCTV networks are using AI even for accurate car license detection. You will get a clear image of the victim’s car plate by installing these advanced cameras. So, what are you waiting for? Install an AI-powered CCTV camera and enhance the home’s security.

Which Sectors Need to Use AI-Enabled Surveillance Systems?

The growing number of crimes in different industries is enhancing the need for the implementation of AI in smart CCTV networks. In healthcare, AI will provide direct entry to patients who need immediate treatment. Additionally, the retail store owners faced huge losses for not installing smart CCTVs. And, AI-enabled cameras will be the best solution to keep the items safe.

In sports, real-time video footage might be beneficial in improving an athlete’s skill. Even in the agricultural sector, there has been a huge deployment of AI cameras. And, many smart cities are using AI cameras to control the traffic of urban areas efficiently. So, it can be stated that AI might help in the rapid expansion of the video surveillance industry.

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