Australia’s sugar consumption is the fifth-largest in the world, which probably has something to do with its rich coffee culture. Bakeries in Sydney are often small scale businesses with one or two outlets around the city and with the changes brought about by the lockdown, bakeries and cafes had to shut down temporarily. It affected the customers to a large extent as a large section of Sydney’s population depended on them for their morning coffee and breakfast. But following the relaxation of the lockdown rules, they have started providing additional services to their customers.

One can now easily order cakes online in Sydney and get them delivered to one’s home. At first, this might seem like a redundant service since food delivery services already exist and run in full swing in all major Australian cities. But the key difference between food delivery services and these bakery websites is that while the former delivers freshly made food from restaurants right at your doorstep, the latter requires the customer to place the order for their cake at least a day in advance. Pre-ordering enables the seller to ensure that there’s enough supply of the item. On the other hand, the buyers get to customise their made-to-order cakes.

Benefits of ordering cakes online in Sydney

  • Getting a cake delivered to one’s home is not only convenient but also a safer option (especially for someone who might be self-quarantined).
  • It’s also perfect for situations when one craves something sweet to help them get through the day but doesn’t want to leave the comfort of home.
  •  It can be a great way to surprise a loved one on a special occasion like a birthday, as several bakeries even offer midnight deliveries.
  • Another plus point of ordering cakes online from bakery websites is that their entire catalogue is readily available for one to look through. Online catalogues provide pictures and detailed descriptions of each item. Some websites even have advanced options that let users pick items that include a specific ingredient of their choice or filter out items containing ingredients that might trigger an allergic reaction.
  •  It is also a fact that the global pandemic has made people keen on celebrating birthdays and other such milestones in their lives. It’s something that has forced people to find joy in the monotony of everyday life. Cakes and baked goods have been an integral part of these pandemic rituals.
  •  According to a study conducted by a cooker brand, Banana bread is Australia’s favourite cake. Even though it’s an easy recipe that anyone can whip up at home, one could always choose to order a banana bread or banana toffee pie instead, now that cakes are made available online in Sydney!

People around the world have always used cakes to celebrate and mark events in their life.

The pandemic left people restricted to their homes for extended periods. Many have found their peace in kitchens and have started experimenting with baking, primarily as a coping mechanism. However, sometimes one wants to unwind, and binge-watch one’s favourite TV show and dig into some cake while at it. In these situations, baking is the last thing one would want to do, and that is when ordering cakes online becomes the best option. While hosting birthday parties and other such events, one would prefer ordering cakes online as it is less cumbersome than baking, and one can tend to other responsibilities in the meantime.


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