If we talk about Windows, then we cannot afford to miss out Windows 10. Unveiled in the Summer of ’15, Windows 10 is the most advanced operating system and also the most popular one. Do you know, ‘Windows 10 not updating’ is one of the most common topics that searched on Google for Windows 10 error?

Windows 10 not updating

The most important thing is that the operating system is updating itself swiftly. Because of the frequent updates, many of us face some problems while using Windows 10.

Here, one question may arise in your mind.

Why should you upgrade to Windows 10?

The obvious reason is that Windows 10 is much faster and more user-friendly when it comes to user experience.

Some features of Windows 10 that are totally new to us:

◊ A personal assistant named Cortana.

◊ A brand new notification system.

◊ A new web browser replacing Internet Explorer, it is replaced by Microsoft Edge.

Apart from that, Windows 10 has many different editions to offer. The editions are Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education, and Mobile. The editions are customized keeping in mind different sections of users.

For Windows 10 to run on your system, all you need to do is have a processor of 1GHz, a RAM of minimum 1GB and minimum 16GB hard drive space.

 How can you upgrade to Windows 10 now?

Well, you may get a thumb drive file to download from the Microsoft website. That file can work fine on your system and you may also get updates regularly.

But that is not recommended at all. Because Windows is charging the license fee for new updates. So, it is better to buy the license to use it.

Windows 10 update

Windows 10 not Updating: Causes and remedies

Windows 10 updates fail and get stuck for diverse causes. The cause can be associated with the network connection or the operating system itself. There are many corrupt files in the operating system that can cause the Windows 10  update failure.

♦ Problem with the network connection.
An unstable network connection can interrupt the Windows updated. Your windows 10 update failed to install because of the flaw in your network connection.

♦ A problem in the operating system. As we discussed earlier, the corrupt files in the operating system can be the cause of the update failure.

We will talk about the solutions that can help you in updating Windows 10.

Windows 10 not updating?

If your operating system shows the error message after the updates or if it gets stuck for hours while updating, here’s what you can do.

Run the Windows Update troubleshooter

Firstly, you can run the troubleshooter for Windows. Go to Windows Settings then select  Go to Update & Security and finally select the Troubleshoot option.

In case your update gets stuck somewhere, do not shut down the machine not needed. Give it time to update and restart.

While or after download the update if you see any error message related to Windows not working, you can try to reset the Windows update components.

Reset Windows 10 update

How can you reset Windows Update Components?

To reset the components manually, you need to disable the background intelligent transfer, Windows update, and Cryptographic services. You need to open the command prompt.

After opening, you need to rename the SoftwareDistribution and catroot2 folders. So that operating system automatically creates new files and install fresh update files.

This was another Windows 10 update troubleshooter that you can try to come over the update muddle of Windows 10. We have tried listing all the prominent causes of Windows 10 update not working.

Let us discuss more on this…

We have put forward a descriptive solution to the topic Windows 10 not updating. There are many ways how you can overcome this. We have listed some of the basic ones in this blog. Let us know your suggestions about how it works for you.