Windows 10 is the latest operating system many users are using. But it is not without flaws. Recently, many users are finding the answer to the problem “how to fix windows 10 security issues”. Windows operating system is trying to clean the bugs, but there are a few ways the user can take to fix the issues themselves.

In light of the above-said discussion, it is better to know about Microsoft Windows. It is an operating system which has impressed users all over the world. It comes with a compact and complex security system to safeguard your phone, desktop or tab.  However, recently some bugs are creating troubles.

So are you worried about how to fix  Windows 10 security issues? Are you encountering security problems? Well, just relax a bit. We are here to help you.

Grounds to Windows 10 Security Issues

Windows 10 has improved a lot from its previous versions. windows 7, 8 had some flaws. the administrators have cleaned many bugs but often few issues crop up. the reasons concerning how to fix windows 10 security issues are given below.

  • Blue screen error is a huge problem many Microsoft users face. The blue screen is an error code which covers the entire screen of the desktop or phone or laptop to black. It also sends an error message.
  • When you are updating to the latest version, that is to windows 10, the memory of the drive gets affected.
  • In addition to that, while updating to a new version, the old Operating System affects the device (desktop, phone, tab or whatever you are using). It takes up a huge space: at least 5GB.
  • Another issue the customer faces is in the component files. Win 32K component often fails.
  • Presently, two bugs are giving goosebumps to the users. They are known as the Meltdown and Spectre.  These are hardware bugs that affect the hardware of the computer. They affect phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.Windows 10 security issues
  • One security issue takes place when various icons are selected and various commands are asked to follow. This is followed by password change and users forget the password they have set.

How to fix Windows 10 Security Issues

Windows 10 security issues

You can take up various approaches to solve the problem at hand. It is true that Operating systems in the phones, tablets, desktops come with inbuilt security system check. However, the user can clear certain issues on his own. If you find further troubles, you can always consult the support systems provided by Microsoft.

  • You can install and update your video driver and CPU commonly known as the motherboard. Consult another security software which you trust.
  • If you want to troubleshoot the error blue screen death, please check the drivers. If any driver is outdated, please update it.
  • You should scan and clean up the residual files.
  • Click on start button to clean up the disk. Select the start button and type clean up. The operating system will automatically search the system. A disk will appear and then search for the required criteria. Click on it to open the application.
  • Enough space must be made to update and install the updated version of the Windows 10. So, the bugs Meltdown and Spectre must be cleaned.

Hope this article guided you efficiently to troubleshoot Windows 10 security issues.