“Windows Error Recovery”- this message generally pops up as soon as you try to start your computer. It hampers the smooth startup process of our system and wants you to launch an automatic startup repair solution.

windows error recovery

Although there can be a wide number of possible reasons that are potential evils in this case. Quite a few factors can give air to this error and a few of them are-

♦System error

♦Booting problems

♦Changes in settings

♦Lack of disk space

windows error recovery

Try the system restore to fix windows recovery error

To troubleshoot the apparent issues in your windows, try to start an application with the help of alternate system restore points. Chances are there that the glitch is because of a file that has corrupted the default restore settings.

You can also access the system restore from its safe mode instead of regular boot options. Since safe mode cuts down on the driver range, hence it can locate the encountered issues at the time of restoration and quickly fix them.

Boot into safe mode

You can also make use of the booting option but make sure you are accessing it while in the safe mode. Booting options in all the latest versions of windows are quite similar to each other with some minute distinctions.

Booting in Windows 7

This process includes the steps: Go to Run –> type msconfig –> enter –> open tab for boot –> switch to safe mode –> press F8

Check if your computer starts after this process then keep it in the open boot option under safe mode. If it fails then restart your PC and try the alternate safe mode with another configuration to reset the computer back to normal.

Booting in Windows 8, 10

This requires you to configure the disk space in your windows and for that, you can add a new restore point or create it. After that, you can select to configure it to check the system restore allocation and enhance it to a maximum range.

windows error recovery

Clearing out old settings

The outdated system restore settings can also trouble you greatly and for that, you need to clear out the system restore points that are old. This may sometimes alter the settings and make you delete the recent restore points without a trace. To overdo this, you should keep your disk space clean and make variable shadow copies of each.

This will help you to eliminate the glitches and automatically clean up the system files and will also fix the issue of missing BCD.

Damaged System Files

This issue can also make your file system to corrupt with damaged integrity that can even corrupt the crucial files with data.

A quick tip to recover from this hitch will be to utilize the easy recovery essentials that work miraculously to fix Windows error recovery. This is a kind of automated repair option that is built in within the set up for windows.

This is also hugely available on the windows versions namely windows 7, 8, Vista or even XP. You can download it on your system or even create it on your own on your PC.

This will not only diagnose the trouble will also help you to fix the issues like windows recovery error.

windows error recovery

So, that’s all I had to say about fixing the glitches for your windows error recovery solutions. If you have anything more to share then write it to me.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment down below mentioning your share of the problem with Windows recovery error. Also, share your views on how you found the steps beneficial in this context.