Windows Firewall is your best friend for protecting you against online and offline threats trying to negatively affect your system. But at times, Windows Firewall can feel like your worst enemy blocking unknown and new programs from processing. If you are unable to solve these Windows Firewall error and codes no need to worry.

Windows Firewall

Follow this article to know about and fix some of the most commonly reported and encountered Windows Firewall issues that you may encounter.

Common Windows Firewall Error Codes and Solutions

If you search the web you will find a huge and endless number of Windows Firewall related issues. Each error code refers to a different and specific problem, almost each requiring different processes to resolve. So let’s check out some of the more common errors one after the other.

Windows Firewall Error code 0x6D9

Error code 0x6D9 is often generated when users have problems turning on the Windows Firewall. The code is also sometimes referred to as a security center error as without a working Firewall your computer is always at risk.

To fix the problem, first

  • Click on Start and type in Services. 
  • Then right-click on services and choose Run as administrator. 
  • Now from the list of Services, double-click on Windows Firewall
  • Then change the Startup type to Automatic, this will ensure Windows Firewall is up and running immediately after logging on to your user account.

When done with the above steps, continue with the following section

  • Now click on Start and open Control Panel
  • Then choose Security Centre and check Firewall settings. If the feature is not switched on, click on the button and turn on Windows Firewall.

This should remove all existing issues related Firewall error code 0x6D9 and let use your computer securely.

Firewall Error Code 0x80070424

As mentioned at the start, Windows firewall can be enemy. This is one such situation where Windows Firewall restricts all update activities and leaving you scratching your head. This is a very well known error code and I have got the perfect solution to resolve it.

  • Open My Computer and navigate to your system drive.
  • Open the Windows folder and then System64
  • Next, download the necessary system files and extract them into System64 folder.

This should remove the existing problem and let you use your computer normally. Windows defender and Firewall is one of the most important security features of Windows but sometimes create unnecessary problems.

Windows Firewall error

Windows Firewall Not Working – Final Take

Firewall is indeed a very important application inbuilt in Windows operating systems. It keeps your computer safe and also takes necessary decisions to block programs when needed.

It does help but often nagging issues and pending updates create problems that limit Windows activities. Hope this article has helped to resolve the problems you were facing. Thanks for reading.