When you think of selling online, there are numerous options on the market. Choosing the best e-commerce solution is a great task. Some are designed specifically for small business and some for the big ones. The question arises in choosing the best one for building your eCommerce business. 

You will get the answer when you make a comparison between Wix and Spotify. All you need is to highlight the good and the bad points of these mediums and find out the reasons for migration from Wix to Shopify.  

Shopify is an international platform which you can use for your needs. It is a popular means among the store owner. Even though Wix appears to grab the online market most of the population say, 65 million are still using Wix.

In this post, I will guide you how to examine in depth both these Wix vs Shopify shopping carts.

Requirement for Shifting from Wix to Shopify

These days shopify is very famous and used globally by the eCommerce store builders. This shopping cart is perfect if you are trying to create a complex and user-friendly website to sell products.

Both the platforms have a contemporary and extravagant look. But while comparing Shopify with Wix, you must accept that Shopify is purely an eCommerce solution. It was actually created for selling offering a wider range of eCommerce features & tools.   

Wix is another famous platform which is helpful in building a website. Hence, it allows you to commence trading online. But Wix in comparison with Shopify provides a limited quantity of eCommerce functionality. 

Although both the shopping carts are user-friendly but Shopify’s drag-and-drop interface makes the site fair enough. It is considered to be comfortable to the non-tech users. 

Wix vs Shopify

It may happen that due to the lack of customization provided by Wix you may feel the urge to shift to Shopify. If you want to edit something on your site only little possible changes you can make now. 

On the other hand, Shopify provides you with full mastery regarding the coding of your HTML & CSS websites. It also further permits you to change whatsoever you wish. Thus Shopify comes with much more flexibility.

Another important and good reason to switch to Shopify is its POS system. It is a recent added characteristic, but this awesome implementation permits the managing of the entire offline store along with the online one. In addition, the POS system can manage the payments if linked with PayPal. This A-1 service is uncommon and is not offered by other market solutions.

By using Shopify, you will get a wider scope in selling products. You can easily sell items directly from the social media accounts thus enabling customers to purchase products staying active in social media. 

The new integration of Shopify with Amazon allows its sellers to sell their products directly to Amazon through the single Admin Panel. This is another reason for migrating to Shopify from Wix in order to increase your profit-earning ratio.

Last but not least, Shopify comes with 24/7 support for all your needs. It offers sellers a multi-channel customer support service. You can reach out to their team through any of the media such as phone, email, social media, chats, forums irrespective of day or night.    

Wix also provides phone support if you have a premium plan, but there are no live-chats options available to get an instant solution to your problem. Although both the companies, have guidelines regarding the operation of the store, beginners would prefer Shopify for its surplus options to reach the help center.  

The Need For Migration 

Transferring eCommerce information and data manually to Shopify can loss your valuable data. If you still wish to migrate manually from Wix to Shopify on your own it will take a lot of time. Cart2Cart is an option which will relieve you from this trouble.

Let me give you a brief about Cart2Cart. It is nothing but the world’s no.1 migration service provider with almost 30,000 successful migrations till date. It will automatically transfer eCommerce data within a couple of hours from Wix to Shopify.

Step-by-step Guidelines to Migrate from Wix to Shopify

During the entire migration process to Shopify, your Wix portal will stay functional and you can carry on the selling of goods. Cart2Cart makes the shifting of data process easier and makes you the Shopify store owner by a few mouse clicks. 

This service is available 24/7. It assists you with a probability of testing the quality of migration by simply following some easy migration steps.

1. Register Yourself with Cart2Cart Account 

Create your own Cart2Cart account linking with your email id or sign up with your Google+ or Facebook account.

2. Selection of Wix as a Source Cart

From a drop-down list choose the Wix shopping cart and then give Wix store URL. After that fill up with your created admin email id & password to the store. 

3. Choose Shopify as a Target Cart

After choosing Shopify provide your related URL and API password.

4. Select the Items you Want to Move from Wix 

Cart2Cart allows you to decide what data & information you want to export specifically or you can click on the “Select All” option.

Additionally you can select some other options such as create the 301 which is redirected on your Shopify store after the data export. You can also migrate pictures from products & categories descriptions in order to modify your new Shopify cart.  

5. Next, Launch from Wix to Shopify the Free Demo Migration

It will hardly take 30 minutes for Demo data transfer. You can easily see the migration in process through the progress bar.

6. Select “Start Migration” in Order to Move Ahead with Full Data Migration 

You can initiate the full-scale data exportation once the validation of the Free Demo migration is over. Just click on “Start migration” option and your data will transfer by its own between the platforms within a fraction of seconds.

Ending Note:

This is it! Thus migration from Wix to shopify is no more a tough job. Cart2Cart interface is helpful enough to perform the migration process in a very short duration. There is no requirement of technical skills & database manipulations. 

The data migration process from Wix to Shopify can be executed through secure API requests with no engagement of customers. So if you have a wish to expand your online business with all the best attributes and functionality, you can start right away the Free Demo migration service from wix to Shopify. I hope this post made you an expert in Wix vs Shopify.

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