Wix vs WordPress. The battle between the two giants. Wix and WordPress both are the players of the field called website development and website designing. Over the past years, these two are dominating the business of website development.

If you are going to start developing a website of your own and still confused about which platform to choose. Then this blog on Wix vs WordPress is going to help you a lot. As you know that both the tools are the best-in-class. So today we will discuss  the different attributes of both Wix and WordPress in details.

But first things first, for all the readers out there who do not have any idea of what Wix or WordPress is, don’t worry as in this blog I will provide some introductions about Wix and WordPress.  

Wix or WordPress-which one should you choose?

In this Wix vs WordPress article, you will get to know the ins and outs of both the website tools. So let’s start with the introduction and then we will gradually move to the other major points of difference.

Wix vs WordPress-What is the subject?

Let’s get an introduction of what these two names Wix and WordPress mean. 


Wix is an all-in-one website developing and designing platform. Released a few years ago, Wix has is now powering over 100 million websites over 190 countries.

The most awesome things about Wix is that it provides a stunning user-friendly interface with which users find it very simple to design websites however they want. It provides around 500+ free customizable templates or you can also opt for the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence in which the tool will create a website for you. 

Some of the top features include.

  • Wide range of packages to choose from ( from free to premium).
  • Huge range of templates for all kinds of industries and niches.
  • All kinds of tools are available like SEO, Marketing and Analytics tools.
  • 24×7 customer care support.


Let me clear you one thing in the beginning that by WordPress I mean WordPress.org and not  WordPress.com ( a hosted solution website). WordPress.org is a platform that will allow you to create any type of website.

WordPress will offer you a wide range of designing and customization options so that you can create a stunning website. Apart from this WordPress provides thousands of themes, plugins, products , and services for all types of industries.

Some of the major characteristics of WordPress are.

  • Ownership of the website.
  • Wide range of editing tools.
  • Option to use free and premium products.
  • Continuous service support from a Global Community. 

Wix vs WordPress– which one is easy to build?

Wix and WordPress have changed the meaning of website development. Let’s see what these two tools can offer when it to point ease to build.   


Starting building a website in Wix is swift. I can show you why I am saying that in a bulletin format.

  • Go to the Wix website 
  • Create an account by typing your credentials. 
  • Choose accordingly.

Now the tool will give a choice. Either you make our own website by customizing and editing all manually or you can just sit back and let Wix Artificial Digital Intelligence (ADI) do your work for you. If you choose ADI then it will ask you some questions and will automatically create a website based on your answers. 


You can say that Installing WordPress is pretty much simple. Again allow me to show you the steps in a bulletin format

  • Download the WordPress software in your system.
  • Buy a WordPress hosting and domain name.
  • Choose a web hosting provider to get started.

WordPress is very easy to use. It provides a swift-go user interface which helps the beginners to build a stunning website very easily. 

Therefore, it can be concluded that Wix is the winner of this round. 

Wix vs WordPress– What are the designing options?

Website Designing is a work of headache. People work and night to design a website properly and creatively. A lot depends upon the website designing tool. 

So, let’s find out, among these two who are making the designing work easier for the developers.


Designing a website with Wix is an awesome experience. Wix has served a buffet of templates for it’s developers. There are over 500 templates in every category to choose from like business, online store, travel logs and many more.

You also get more than 200 apps that you can use to add specific functions. But Wix does not allow it’s user to change any template once it’s set in your website. And also you cannot edit CSS. 


The collection of designing and customization options are one of the most powerful features of WordPress. 

You get to choose from a wide range of themes and plugins. To change the appearance of your website you can select a relevant theme from WordPress theme. There are also plugin options to enhance and boost different functionalities of your website.

So we can say that in this round the winner is WordPress. Unlike Wix in wordpress, you can change the template and design of your web pages even if they are on your website. 

Wix vs WordPress– What about SEO?

If you are creating a website for the first time then you should know that SEO or Search Engine Operator is one of the main attributes of the website. Have a look at what these two are offering.


The SEO tool for Wix is very popular among  beginners. Wix delivers a user-friendly EO tool named as SEO Wiz which helps you to take steps through the configuration process. 

It also provides SEO features like page meta tags, heading tags, image alt tag, mobile optimization.


In WordPress, you get tons of WordPress SEO tools and plugins which serves several types of SEO purposes. WordPress makes it very easy and simple for  users to design a website.

WordPress will automatically handle the optimization procedure like configuring the website name, tagline, headline tags and headings, URL structure, and many more. It also offers integrated Google Analytics among the pugin.

We can’t declare a definite winner as both the tools offer best-in-class built in SEO features. But according to me, WordPress offers more SEO features as compared to WordPress. 

Wix vs WordPress– How much will you have to spend?

I know that should have discussed in the initial stages as costing is the most concerning point among the developers. But better late than never, let’s take a look at the costing structures of Wix and WordPress.


One of the main disadvantages of Wix is that they provide irrelevant website addresses like username.wixsite.com/sitename. And apart from that Wix also displays their own ads on your website if you choose a free domain.

But Wix has a range of paid plan packages which you can opt for any time. Still, if you buy the cheapest plan then also Wix will show ads on your webpages. Ads can be really disturbing sometimes, so to avoid unnecessary ads you can upgrade to the Combo Plan. 


Like any other websites first, you have to buy a domain name and web hosting to start your website in WordPress. 

You can purchase a domain and web hosting with the available paid plans. There are also options available where you can opt  to get a free domain name. The software of WordPress is totally free to download and anyone can use the tool without spending a penny more.

Here you can say that WordPress is the winner again. The costing structure of WordPress is much more pocket-friendly than compared to Wix.

Lastly- which tool you should use?

It is a tough decision to make for this Wix vs WordPress topic. Both tools have made a deep impact on website development market. The above have told you all the ins and outs of Wix and WordPress. Now it’s all upon you which tool you will choose to serve your purpose.

We recommend you to choose WordPress to build a stunning and innovative website. Because other than lenient costing structure it also offers a wide range of features which allows the user to freely work on their projects.

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